Wedding Invitation

This was not a school project, it was something I decided to do on my own. These are my wedding invitations. I wanted to do something unique, something that you don't always see. I decided to you the different type face's to create a more fun look to it. I had experimented with a ton of different ideas but all of the initial designs that I had done were too crazy and seemed more like a birthday party invite rather then a wedding invitation. 

When I started designing this, I knew that I wanted to do something tall and I wanted to do the seperate cards. Originally I had a ton of colors because I wanted it to be bright and eye catching. I found that the less amount of color that I used, the better it looked. 

I really enjoyed being able to create my own wedding invites. It was nice to be able to create it the way I wanted it instead of having someone telling me what to do the entire time. I feel like they turned out really great. The only issue I found was the invite was a little too wide. It almost didn't fit into the envelope. So if I had to do it again, I would definitely make sure it was the perfect size!

IME Business Card

I created this business card for a lady that was just starting at a new company called IME. She wanted something classy, sexy, and professional.

I decided to go with a basic black background because black is a very bold and straight forward color. It helps all the other writing on the card stand out more. To help the text stand out better I used a white color and chose a very simple font. It seemed almost a little dull so I decided to put in the diagonal lines to help your eyes flow through the card.

My "client" was thrilled with the finished product and couldn't wait to get it printed!


 "Time does not change us, it unfolds us" Poster

This was a poster I created for my InDesign class. The assignment was to create a poster using only two colors. Of course there were other rules that I had to follow but that was the main one.

The two colors I chose were black and pink.

2012 Calendar